GPL3 This software is released under the terms of the GNU Public Licence (Version 3) which can be read here.

eBookCleaner v1.0.3 - Updated 29 Feb 2012

Please note that this is NOT a regression from the previous version (1.0.7) but represents the progress made since the new completely re-written version, version 1.0.0.

The current version and can be downloaded here.

The Python source code is available for download here.

Before you start

  • Please read and take note of all the licence information contained within the eBookCleaner > documents > licences sub-folder.
  • Beware, this will be confusing at first, and the help is rather limited. Questions and Suggestions for making it more intuitive are welcome, but please note that I will probably not respond immediately due to a busy schedule, please allow at least a week for me to respond.
  • Please contact me using the form provided under the "Contact" tab.
  • There is a known 'memory leak'. This sounds scary but it's not. It just means that every few ebooks you will have to restart the program; otherwise it will slow down.
  • Use at you're own risk. I have never experienced any issues though...


This program is "stand alone" and does not need to be installed.

UnZip the package to a suitable place on one of your disks - for example's sake I will assume the C: drive.

If you now use your file explorer you should see two folders under drive C: one called eBookCleaner, and the other called Ebooks.

The eBookCleaner folder contains the program and all its associated files.

The Ebooks folder in turn contains two sub-folders :

  • Cleaned - the default location where eBookCleaner will store your cleaned files;
  • Uncleaned - the default location for the files that require cleaning.

If you wish to install a shortcut to start the progam, please point it at eBookCleaner.exe in the eBookCleaner folder.

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