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closing down

as this software is no longer under active development, the site will be closed down as soon as the lease on the domain name lapses, i.e September 2019. Should you wish to take over this domain name in the interim, please contact us using the contact form, and we will come to a suitable arrangement !

What is eBookcleaner ?

eBookCleaner is a freeware software application that was originally developed for private use but has now been provided for others to use on the strict understanding that you use it at your own risk and that the author can not be held responsible for any deleterious effects that may be caused by its use.

As the name implies, eBookCleaner helps you to clean-up eBooks ! Many books that you may download to read in your eBook reader suffer from strange settings for margins, headers, paragraph-spacing, punctuation and quotation marks, not to mention issues with covers and internal images. eBookCleaner attempts to help you create 'clean eBooks' that provide a 'good reading experience'.

Starting from an HTMLZ file, easily sourced from the 'Calibre' software, eBookCleaner uses a clever algorithm to try to ascertain the structure of the eBook looking for a whole range of errors in punctuation, quotation, and broken paragraphs / sentences, and then indexes it appropriately. Using these index points it is then much easier to identify and clean up the mistakes.

eBookCleaner also provides the ability to fix the cover art, dimensions and quality, and provide correct tagging for title, author, series, number within series, etc. Output can then be saved as HTMLZ, MOBI or EPUB.

Screen Shots

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Future Plans

... don't hold your breath, you will go a horrible shade of blue ! Please remember that I have a life with a lot of more important things going on - this is a just a hobby.

  • clean up the ebook, but retain existing formatting.
  • ability to read a greater range of ebook formats, including HTML (preferably by making eBookCleaner a Calibre plugin).
  • make some of the features more customisable.
and anything else you may sensibly suggest.

So please download it and use it, and let me know what you think using the Contact form provided.

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